7 cords/7 knots sterling silver protection bracelet

7 cords/7 knots sterling silver protection bracelet

PRICE IS PER BRACELET... not for both.

These bracelets features silver beads and a silver evil eye. They will not plate off or turn a different color so it more than likely will last a very long time unless it rips or falls apart by powerful energies. They are fully water proof, adjustable and have a 1 year warranty on the cord.

The bracelets are unisex. The 7 cords bracelet has a round bead, and the 7 knots has a flat bead. They can be worn together or separate, I like to wear them both.

The bracelets promote positivity, good vibes, attracts good energy and keeps evil, envy and jealousy away. Put this bracelet on your left wrist because our left side of our bodies is where we receive all of our energies,

If your bracelet falls completely apart during the first year of purchase you can have it remade using a new cord and your same silver beads. After the first year, i will be happy to remake it for you for $10 each time it falls apart.

The warranty only applies to a bracelet that has completely ripped and fallen apart.

These bracelets serve as protection against negativity... so if it’s falling apart it’s doing it’s job at protecting you. And remember to believe in it! They actually work!!! :)